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Counting House Ltd.

Counting House Ltd.
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Manufacturer/producer 製作商/生產商
Company Description

Counting House Ltd. facilitates easy-to-implement payment solutions in major markets as well as in countries that may once have been considered difficult to reach. Our worldwide payment solutions for iGaming help speed access to funds as well as increase player loyalty and goodwill.

Whether you need to send high volumes of payments, or require inbound payment channels in multiple currencies and countries, Counting House will provide you with the exact package of services that you need.  You will enjoy unprecedented access to cutting edge payments expertise. You will be delighted with our detailed payment reports and concise, easy to read account summaries.

Rely on our established facilities credit card processing, local electronic payments and other forms of payment to make it easier for players to pay. Allowing players to cash out with convenient local-currency payouts makes it more likely players will stay.




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