The Sun Group Authorised as The Only Casino Operator in Vietnam

The firm was recently chosen as the sole developer of a casino and luxury tourism project to be built on Van Canh and Ngoc Vung islands.

The expected investment outlay will be over USD $ 2 billion. The total investment capital required for any casino project in Vietnam will be trimmed from USD $ 4 billion to 2 billion.

 “Sun Group is the province’s strategic developer, and was chosen by the province to report to the prime minister as the only developer of the luxury resort and entertainment complex with a casino, according to the master plan approved by the prime minister, allowing Vietnamese citizens to play in the casino.” Nguyen Van Thanh, Deputy Chairman of the Quang Ninh People’s Committee.

The gambling laws in Vietnam have taken a massive leap in that citizens will be allowed to bet in casinos for a trial period of 3 years when various restrictions will be applied to these citizens.