MLS allows gambling and liquor shirt sponsorships

Major League Soccer (MLS) has confirmed its 24 clubs can now use sports betting and liquor companies as shirt and stadium sponsors.

The move continues MLS’ relaxed stance towards gaming and liquor firms, as it looks to generate extra revenue streams from each sector.

The North American major sports leagues don’t generally offer shirt sponsorship for betting firms in the manner currently seen across the English Premier League.

However, NBA teams did introduce sponsorship patches in 2017, with MLB teams also wearing MGM Resorts International patches on the opening day of the current season.

Carter Ladd, MLS SVP Business Development, told Fortune: "We want to be viewed as a progressive league and provide our clubs with an appropriate level of flexibility.

"We don’t want to be restrictive; we want to enable them in a positive way and that’s why we’re taking this action. We strongly believe this is going to help drive new revenues."