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27 October 2017 - 27 October 2022
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GamMatrix is the most flexible platform for iGaming operators globally. It’s integrated with more than 100 software APIs, including 50+ payment methods and various affiliate management, email marketing and fraud detection solutions. GamMatrix is compliant with multiple jurisdictions, including Malta and UK.

GamMatrix is the complete solution for all your iGaming requirements. It handles a wide range of services, including Vendors Integration, iGaming CMS, Payment Processing, and Player Handling. The Platform is integrated with more than 100 different Software APIs, and is both a flexible and scalable system. GamMatrix is also compliant with EU jurisdictions, and has a highly sophisticated role handling and auditing system. Its Reporting solution provides clear and simple reports that show aggregated data as well as very detailed drill downs, allowing a consistent view of the business.

GamMatrix是为全球iGaming运营商服务的最灵活的平台。 已集成与100多个软件API,包括50多种支付方式和各种联盟管理,电子邮件营销和欺诈检测解决方案。 GamMatrix拥有多地执照,包括马耳他和英国。

GamMatrix是能满足您所有需求的完整解决方案。 涵盖各种服务,包括供应商集成,iGaming内容管理系统,付款处理和玩家管理。 该平台与100多个不同的软件API集成,是一个灵活并可扩展的系统。 GamMatrix也拥有欧盟辖区执照,并拥有高度复杂的角色处理和审计系统。 它的报告解决方案提供清晰和简单的报告,显示聚合数据以及非常详细的深入挖掘,从而实现业务的一致视图。