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27 October 2017 - 27 October 2022
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MoneyMatrix is a PCI DSS Level 1 MFSA Regulated Payment Service Provider delivering a holistic approach to payment and risk management.

Our company has a single objective, 'To Make Payment Processing Simple' and our solution is designed to do exactly that. A single contract and integration provides access to over 100 payment solutions which include cards, e-wallets, virtual vouchers and banking. 

Whatever are your requirements, our partnerships with some of the largest international solution providers are sure to provide you with the portfolio you need to get your business online.

MoneyMatrix 是马耳他金融服务局监管的第三方支付卡行业数据安全标准(PCIDSS)1 级支付服务提供商,通过一次简单的集成整合最佳品牌,提供支付和风险管理的整体方法。

我们的目标只有一个:使支付过程变得简单!我们的解决方案也正是这么设计的。只需一 份合同和集成便可使用 100 多种支付解决方案,包括卡、电子钱包、虚拟代金券和银 行。

无论您的要求是什么,我们与一些最大的国际解决方案提供商的合作伙伴关系将为您提供 您所需要的组合,为您公司业务上线保驾护航。