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26 October 2017 - 26 October 2022

Product/Service description

Round up energetic extraterrestrials in the Reactoonz slot from Play'nGO. Like its prequel Energoonz, Reactoonz is a playful parallel universe charged with stellar power and prizes. Highly animated aliens drop from the heavens and land to occupy the 7x7 game grid. Win a prize for each cluster of 5 or more aliens of the same race: The larger your cluster, the greater your profit! The flux capacitors essentially serve as wild symbols to help you win more. Aliens in winning clusters are instantly teleported away to be replaced by new space invaders from above, giving you multiple chances to win in the same round. Try to make contact with oversized aliens! They can multiply your prize when they become part of a winning cluster.

Each winning cluster transfers energy to the power-hungry Gargantoon who waits on his base, planning his invasion. When fully charged, Gargantoon grows and makes a Quantum Leap onto the middle of the game grid, where he goes completely wild and releases a chain reaction of up to five fabulous features to shock you with even more prize-winning clusters. For an electrifying experience, let the Reactoonz invade your space.

快来加入Play'nGO的Reactoonz老虎机,捕捉精力充沛的外星人吧! 和前款Energoonz类似,Reactoonz的背景是一个充满星球能量和奖项的平行宇宙。高度活跃的外星人从天而降,着陆在7×7的游戏网格中,并打算占据网格。每聚集5个或以上同种族的外星人,你就可以获得一次奖励:聚集的越多,分数越高!通量电容是百搭图案,使你获得更高分数。被聚集起来的外星人将被立即传送走,并被替换为新的太空侵略者,使你在同一轮游戏中有多次获胜的机会。试着与超大的外星人相连!当它们成为被聚集的一部分时,你的分数会翻倍。