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sCore, Central Control System

12 October 2016 - 12 October 2022

Product/Service description

Comtrade Gaming's sCore, The Gaming Systems Management technoloy was created to drive change and innovation in the land-based gaming market. Comtrade technology is driving major change and innovation in the Land-based gaming market. Comtrade Gaming sCore platforms operate by connecting terminals from all leading EGM suppliers to a central server, from where terminals can be monitored and configured in real time.

Demand for server based systems are being driven by:

New government regulations in some markets to control and regulate gaming more effectively.

Opportunities to increase income

Delivering new content to players

Improving player experiences

Increasing player loyalty through player tracking and loyalty systems

Efficient management of games based on real time analytics

Need to reduce costs

Remote diagnostics to reduce downtime and costs

Higher security through the ability to track all transactions and reduce fraud

Automatic download of content reduces the costs of upgrading content on machine


The aim of the sCore, Central Control System is to ensure that gaming is conducted honestly, competitively and free from criminal and corruptive elements.

sCore, Central Control System’s main functionalities are:

Collecting data from game organizers – operators

Controlling the licenses, software and other data/events on the operator hardware

Collecting accounting information and making them available for reporting purposes

Performing checks on collected data for security, fraud detection in similar tasks

Enabling the real time monitoring on connected devices

Preparing the daily Tax Authority, Auditors and Regulator reports

Our product is designed to support different types of operations:

Gaming Terminals (based in casinos, arcades or any other retail location)

Sports Betting


Internet (on-line) and Mobile gaming



The Comtrade Gaming Business Intelligence module offers a wide array of reporting and analytics capabilities to the controlling authority. Data warehouse stores aggregated data that is cleaned and transformed from multiple data sources via an ETL process. Data are visualized trough dashboards and charts showing the key performance indicators and other metrics.

Business Intelligence is dependent on the data sources that collect and store (among others) transactions, patron information, financial and accounting data. Based on the collected data reporting modules will calculate the taxes that have to be paid by each organization that is included in the controlling system.

The sCore, Central Control System is built around GSA proposed architectural solutions and uses GSA protocols for communication. This style of solution provides a clear view as to how to interconnect modules.


Communication infrastructure based on the GSA standardized protocols G2S and S2S offers unbeatable flexibility and provides an interconnection of both gaming and non-gaming functionalities.