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Contact: Sarah S
+63 917 865 0762

Leading You Through 領先觸覺 貫通脈絡

Service Provider 服務商
Company Description

As the leading online entertainment platform provider in Asia, SA Gaming offers a full spectrum of innovative gaming products including Live Games, Slot Games, Multiplayer Games, HTML5 Mobile, Proxy Betting; as well as trustworthy support services. Having experience and market sense, we are definitely the best choice for your gaming business! We are licensed by PAGCOR of the Philippines and our products are certified by the independent regulatory body GLI and BMM, ensuring that our gaming content is in compliance with the technical and legal standards.

SA Gaming 是亚洲实力非凡的网上娱乐平台供应商,为客户提供以尖端科技研 发的一系列游戏产品——真人游戏、电子游艺、多人游戏、移动娱乐及电投娱 乐。每款游戏均经 SA Gaming 的专业人员精心研发,并提供全面的支援服务, 深受各地玩家欢迎。凭借丰富经验及尖锐触觉,SA Gaming 定能助您大力拓展 博彩市场,为您创造大量商机。我们荣获菲律宾PAGCOR颁发的牌照,而所有游 戏亦取得第三方测试机构GLI及BMM的认证,证明所有产品均符合相关法律及技 术规格的要求。

SA Gaming 是亞洲實力非凡的網上娛樂平台供應商,為客戶提供以尖端科技研 發的一系列遊戲產品——真人遊戲、電子遊藝、多人遊戲、移動娛樂及電投娛 樂。每款遊戲均經 SA Gaming 的專業人員精心研發,並提供全面的支援服務, 深受各地玩家歡迎。憑藉豐富經驗及尖銳觸覺,SA Gaming 定能助您大力拓展 博彩市場,為您創造大量商機。我們榮獲菲律賓PAGCOR頒發的牌照,而所有遊 戲亦取得第三方測試機構GLI及BMM的認證,證明所有產品均符合相關法律及技 術規格的要求。


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